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Towards a Cognitive Cloud

Providing Semantic Knowledge, Machine Learning and Reasoning as Service – RaaS


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O-Smart project aims at designing smart components for logical reasoning and machine learning that can be used according the SaaS Model. O-Smart will provide developers with a framework that can help them in transforming reasoning or machine learning algorithms in software components that delivers micro services. The latter can be deployed and instantiated easily according to the needs. Developers of applications can use smart components without needing to master the theoretical foundations and algorithms behind.

O-Smart main objective is providing a framework for the design and use of smart components needed in human centric applications and for handling related technical issues when using Internet of things as well as robotic & automation systems. For instance, providing smart components for the semantic discovery in the internet of things (IoT, location, identification and tracking of users and objects, activity and intention recognition, tasks and status monitoring. These components can help in augmenting context awareness of user applications in heterogeneous environments. APIs for Knowledge management based on micro ontologies will be given to the developers in order to create components that can automatically acquire, represent and share commonsense & formalized knowledge with applications as well as with humans if needed. An API for services orchestration will be provided for composing together smart components and enable complex reasoning tasks, which can interplay with knowledge management, reasoning, classification and regression.

The architecture of the O-Smart platform is intended to run according to cloud computing service delivery model, involving loosely coupled knowledge management and reasoning components that can be instantiated as agents in the cloud with stubs in physical infrastructures of ubiquitous computing systems such as smartphones, smart cameras, wireless sensors and actuators as well as personal robots. Today, we are working applications and scenarios dealing with: Cloud and Ubiquitous robotics Ubiquitous Robots, Ambient Assisted Living and Pervasive Healthcare.

O-Smart is the continuity of former research activities undertaken in the context of the following EU projects Web of Objects A2Nets and PREDYKOT.

Sponsoring Organizations LISSI-UPEC University

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